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Discord Moderator Application

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Name: Spirittis#0386

Age: 22

Which position are you applying for? Discord Mod

If Sectional/Forum Mod, which section(s)?  N/A

Why do you want to be an EQD Mod?

Since I joined the EQD discord a year ago, I've spent a significant portion of my time there - met new people, made great friends and really received a lot that I am grateful for. I would like to give that back to the community. I always tried to help people in the server where I could and I believe by becoming a mod, I could do even more. The idea of applying for a this position has crossed my mind in the past, but the mod team was fully staffed and doing a great job so there wasn't a need for anyone new. Now with the recent events of mods/admins stepping down, I believe I could put my time to a good use.

I believe I can be patient and calm when dealing with issues and that though this approach, many can be solved peacefully without hurting the relationships in the group and the server. With patience and a little help, people can change - and sometimes you might find the best friends in people that you met as enemies.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have, if any? Practically none yet. Administration of a private server for circa 30 IRL friends is nothing like the 4000 people server of EQD. But I've lerned my way around Discord's administration interface, role hiearchy and permissions systems thanks to that.

Time Zone/Times you'll be able to moderate: Central European Time (UTC+1). When working throughout the week, I usually head to bed earlier (around midnight my time) and correspondingly wake up early as well. On weekends, my time is way more flexible to fill out the times where I'd be needed the most.

Anything else you'd like to share: I'm a student and a programmer. I consider myself to know my way around computers and I can easily lend my hand with discord bot/web/server maintenance/repairs/upgrades if needed be. I will gladly help with anything that's needed. Language-wise, I'd dare to say I know my native language - Czech - fairly well. I also believe to be fairly fluent in both written and spoken English and I have earned Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe II in German language, though my skills are really rusty after three years of non-usage.

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