Equestria girls villains and Star Wars

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I've been thinking about something that I saw in the Equestria Girls movies that relates to the Star Wars series, specifically Star Wars Rebels. In the Season three premiere episodes Steps Into Shadow parts 1 & 2, Kanan Jarrus, one of the main characters in the show, seeks out a Force-wielding creature known as the Bendu for wisdom and advice. When Bendu sees the Sith holocron Kanan has with him and opens it, Kanan says it's dangerous because of his apprentice Ezra Bridger's use of it, and the effects it has on him. But Bendu said that an object can't make anyone good or evil, but things like power, forbidden knowledge, or even the desire to do good can lead some down the dark path. What does this have to do with the EQG movies? Now you might think that some of the items used by the villains of all four movies (Sunset Shimmer using Princess Twilight's crown, the Dazzlings' magic voice pendants, Midnight Sparkle/Sci-Twi's magic scanner, and Gloriosa Daisy's magic crystals) made them insane and downright evil. I think different. Remember what I mentioned earlier about what the Bendu said? It was the things they wanted that made them go crazy. Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings wanted power, Sci-Twi/Midnight Sparkle wanted the forbidden knowledge about magic, and Gloriosa Daisy wanted the desire to make the Canterlot High student's experiences at Camp Everfree good, by doing good in her own magic plant controlling way. What do you think? Was it the items or their selfish wants that made then insane?

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