A preview of things to come!! (A second part of my previous post concerning a new show)

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Hey guys! Just wanted to place this trailer here for the new show I am working on! It has been a blast meeting so many people and so many more to come our way. We have had scripts done and dialouge recorded and its all be so much fun! Though our road isnt over yet. Now that episode 1 is on the way we have to focus on making that amazing aswell also getting a voice actor for Sweetie Belle is still top priority!  But with that in mind this is the trailer so far for the show! (KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STRICTLY STILL A TEST AND I AM NOT GOING TO BE THE FINAL EDITOR OF THE SHOW!! THIS WOULD EXPLAIN WHY I DONT HAVE PINKIE OR RARITY IN THE TRAILER AS THE ACTRESS HAS NOT SENT IN HER LIENS AS OF YET) Thank you to all the auditioned and all that will audition in the future!!!

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58 minutes ago, InsomniaticCricket said:

Thank you! I know the trailer isnt the funniest thing in the world but I am gonna try harder on the show proper :sunset:

Oh, but that was pretty funny

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