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Given I've gotten hooked on just about all things rando lately, I figure I'd start up a thread to see if there are other randomizer fans out there, from those that love to watch randomizer races, those just getting into rando & learning the basics, those looking for new randomizers to play, or those with more experience that want to talk shop like execution, routing, preferred leveling/gear, and to share their favorite flags and share seeds they thought were great/bad/silly/etc...


Below is the links to some of more prominent randomizer sites, in case you want to give a certain game's randomizer a try. Right now I'm gaga for the Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise Randomizer myself:


A Link to the Past Randomizer (The granddaddy of all randos)

Zelda I Randomizer

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Randomizer

Super Metroid Randomizer

Final Fantasy I Randomizer (Beta Link Here)

Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise Randomizer (My favorite)

Final Fantasy IV Beyond Babil Randomizer

Final Fantasy V Grand Cross Randomizer

Dragon Warrior I Randomizer

Dragon Warrior III Randomizer

A Link to the Past/Super Metroid Combo Randomizer



I'll list others if they are requested or brought up.


Now that that is done, I figure while I'm here I'd share my favorite Free Enterprise flags for right now (and possibly share other games' rando flags if asked), which are:




...You always got to have dat Z flag. :awesomecheer:

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