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Given I've gotten hooked on just about all things rando lately, I figure I'd start up a thread to see if there are other randomizer fans out there, from those that love to watch randomizer races, those just getting into rando & learning the basics, those looking for new randomizers to play, or those with more experience that want to talk shop like execution, routing, preferred leveling/gear, and to share their favorite flags and share seeds they thought were great/bad/silly/etc...


Below is the links to some of more prominent randomizer sites, in case you want to give a certain game's randomizer a try. Right now I'm gaga for the Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise Randomizer myself:


A Link to the Past Randomizer (The granddaddy of all randos)

Zelda I Randomizer

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Randomizer

Super Metroid Randomizer

Final Fantasy I Randomizer (Beta Link Here)

Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise Randomizer (My favorite) (Link to the Beta Here)

Final Fantasy IV Beyond Babil Randomizer

Final Fantasy V Grand Cross Randomizer

Dragon Warrior I Randomizer

Dragon Warrior III Randomizer

A Link to the Past/Super Metroid Combo Randomizer



I'll list others if they are requested or brought up.


Now that that is done, I figure while I'm here I'd share my favorite Free Enterprise flags for right now (and possibly share other games' rando flags if asked), which are:


Onone Kmain/summon/moon/unsafe Pnone Cstandard/j:spells,abilities Twildish Spro Bstandard/unsafe/alt:gauntlet Nchars/key/bosses Etoggle/keep:behemoths Glife -spoon

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It's been awhile, but with the release of the Free Enterprise 4.0 Beta (which you can find here), I'd thought I'd share some flagsets I came up with to try and garner more interest in the rando:


  • Girls' Night Out - A flagset where the only characters you'll find are numerous copies of Rosa, Rydia, and Porom, and your objectives in order to get the Crystal needed to fight Zeromus are to beat all the female bosses, those being MomBomb, The Magus Sisters, Valvalis, Calbrena, and Asura, and return the Pan to Yang's wife. In addition to where key items normally show up, you can find key items in this flagset at the summon boss spots (Where Asura, Leviathan, Odin, and Bahamut normally are in vanilla) and on the moon. Flags are below:

O1:boss_mombomb/2:boss_magus/3:boss_valvalis/4:boss_calbrena/5:boss_asura/6:quest_tradepan/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon Pkey Crelaxed/only:rydia,rosa,porom/j:abilities Twildish Sstandard Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Nchars/key Etoggle Glife -spoon


  • A Classic Tellah & Palom Adventure - A flagset inspired thanks to watching Rick & Morty, where you start with a Tellah, and the only other characters you can find are Paloms, Rosas, and more Tellahs. Here, your goal for unlocking the Crystal are to clear the sci-fi elements of Final Fantasy IV, namely completing the Tower of Zot, destroying the Super Cannon locked behind the Tower Key in the lower part of the Tower of Babil, complete the Giant of Babil, defeat Dr. Lugae, CPU, and, as a nod to Season 4 of Rick & Morty, also kill Wyvern (because you always slay it :awesomecheer:). In this one, key items can be found in many places in addition to the main ones, including at the summon boss spots, in trap chests, and on the moon, and thanks to Kunsafe you could run the risk of having to find underground access on the moon. Wyvern has the whichburn flag on, meaning his opening MegaNuke will be swapped out for a different spell, and in addition to the Life glitch you can perform the Dwarf Castle Warp glitch and MP underflow. Flags are below:

O1:quest_zot/2:quest_supercannon/3:quest_giant/4:boss_lugae/5:boss_cpu/6:boss_wyvern/win:crystal Kmain/moon/trap/unsafe Pkey Cstandard/start:tellah/only:tellah,rosa,palom/j:abilities Twildish Spro Bstandard/alt:gauntlet/whichburn Nkey Etoggle Gmp/warp/life -spoon


  • Childrens' Crusade - This flagset will have you starting with Rydia, and you will only find the child characters (Paloms, Poroms, and more Rydias) to fill your roster. Thanks to the Cmaybe flag, you won't be guaranteed of finding all of them (Which could mean while searching for party members you could potentially find 12 Rydias and never see a twin the whole game), and with the Cpermajoin flag on, once you fill up your five slots in your party, your stuck with that party permanently. Your goal is to beat up the old folks in the boss pool, in this case we're talking about beating MomBomb, Milon (original recipe, not Milon Z), Odin, and Bahamut. Key items can be found in the summon boss locations and on the moon, and underground access could also be on the moon. Because you're just kids, it makes sense shops will try to get one up on you, and thanks to the Squarter and Sno:sirens flags, they can, by only buying back things from you at 25% of their value instead of the normal 50% most RPGs use, and you can't buy those wonderful Sirens for summoning rare monster formations, like the Dragon Egg/Yellow Dragon in the underground or the dual King-Ryus on the moon that many go after for easy EXP. Also, if you turn on random encounters, or somehow manage to FIND a Siren, thanks to the Ecantrun flag, you can't nope out of the fight. Flags are below:

O1:boss_mombomb/2:boss_milon/3:boss_odin/4:boss_bahamut/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon/unsafe Pkey Cstandard/maybe/start:rydia/only:rydia,palom,porom/j:abilities/permajoin Tpro Sstandard/quarter/no:sirens Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Nchars/key Etoggle/cantrun Glife -spoon


Now, personally, I like to also add the Bunsafe, Kunsafe, Nbosses, j:spells, and Ekeep:behemoths flags to anything I run, as well as always making sure Kmoon is on as well no matter what, and disabling the Pass as well as the flags that can modify Wyvern's opening attack, all to help increase the challenge of my runs.


You can try out these flagsets, or if you come up with your own flagset that you think would be challenging and/or fun, you can post them below, and as always, this thread always welcomes discussion of rando of all kinds.

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Anyone out there been catching either the Free Enterprise Fabul Gauntlet Tournament or the Dragon Warrior Randomizer League 2020 currently running? Right now the Fabul Gauntlet is about to wrap Week 5 of the Swiss Rounds, which is their last week of the Swiss Rounds before they go into the possible play-in games leading to the Bracket Stage of the Tournament. I've been trying to keep up with every single game they've posted on Youtube on the Free Enterprise and RPG Limit Break channels, having seen every game of the first two rounds and nearly all of Round 3. As for the DWR League 2020, I followed the first two weeks, especially the second week where they had chaos flags on, but fell off after week three.

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