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Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

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... If not, too bad. You clicked on this topic, so you found a snarky Brit by the name of Fellow_Joel. If you were expecting anything else, then you were sadly mistaken.

I mostly play PAYDAY 2 and Age of Empires 2 on Steam, although I do own plenty of other games (187 at time of posting), so I've probably got something that has multiplayer function... Probably. More of a co-op focused player myself, although if you've got a team and need a warm body to fill the ranks, and I just so happen to own whatever game you're running, then by all means give us a holler. Might actually get me into it, and once I get stuck in, I really get stuck in.

Active a majority of the time I'm on Steam. Just shout at us if you fancy some playing something. The only times I'm not available is either when I'm at college or doing college-related things, out-and-about and I just so happen to have an internet connection, or if out ISP derps and drops our connection, the final situation normally being resolved via introducing honey badgers to the delicate areas of those who have performed inadequately (in my dreams, that is. There's no love nor extremities lost between me and our ISP, despite desires pointing towards the contrary.)

Anyways, that's my little introduction/rant over. Hope to see some friendly faces and make some new friends. I shall now leave you with a tiny Derpy chasing a mouse cursor. Enjoy. :3


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