Do you think DHX would be able to handle a pony character like Vainglorious?

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In a webcomic called “Sinfest”, there exists a character on the dark side (being a “devil'born”) called Vainglorious, that basically, is an artist, a very dramatic, flamboyant, ambitious, and hoity-toity character, a sweets-loving, playful prankster who can laugh at himself, Is obsessed with himself, a guy with natural magical ability to create minions/servants out of ordinary artist tools like paintbrushes and whatnot, can walk/reach through paintings to an alternate dimension throne room, and antagonist/threat for the Devil, supposedly leading an uprising for claims to his throne.


So my question is, if DHX created a pony character what was a lot like this VG guy- perhaps a pony born in Tartarus who- due to not having committed crimes, was allowed to live a life outside the prison, and grown up interacting with ponies, but had this whole personality about him, and sought to coup the royal sisters' throne in an uprising. (or something to that extent) Do you think a character such as this can be “done right”, in their own arc in FiM? How do you think DHX would handle such a character, assigning screen time, a dedicated arc, interactions with other ponies, etc.? How do you think fans feel with a character and an arc such as this?















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This cartoon can barely handle anything more complex than "Applejack told a lie"...


The thing is that people might like it, considering that they swallowed "To Where and Back Again" hook, line and sinker. So it's not so much about "can DHX handle it?", but "Will people like seeing it?". Because quality storytelling really isn't a thing for the cartoon's audience.


However, I doubt that Hasbro would let them do anything like what you suggest.

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Setting aside my opinion that Sinfest has long since gone off the deep end, I don't think the show needs a Vainglorious. We already have Discord (thank you @Toki Zensekai) and, to a lesser extent, Starlight Glimmer for that.

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38 minutes ago, Toki Zensekai said:


Discord would like to have a word with you.

but Discord wasn't flamboyant, ambitious, dramatic, or interested in leading an uprising to dethrone the royals. He was just a prankster who could do anything with magic- including alter dimensions.

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