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Guest KitsuneKyon

Discord Mod Application

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Guest KitsuneKyon

Discord Name: KitsuneKyon #7243


Age: 27


Favorite Pony: Luna




 To start, I have been with the fandom since its humble beginnings when FIM first arrived onto the scene. Since then, I have been privileged in not only being able to work with EDQ as one of my many sponsors for my channel, but with other various people and groups within the community itself. As much as the fandom has given to me, I like to be able to give as much back not just as an entertainer and businessman as a Twitch Partner, but also as a person and being able to grow and help the community in yet another way.


  Prior Moderation/Administration experience:

 Ariablarg (Twitch and Discord Partner) 2009-onward; Trihex (Twitch and Discord Partner) 2011-onward; TehMorag (Twitch and Discord Partner) 2012-onward; Jhnnycrwsh (Twitch Global Admin) 2012-onward; Main Menu (Twitch Team) 2013-onward; Crumps2 (Twitch and Discord Partner) 2013-onward; LCK (League Champions Korea) 2018-onward



Timezone: MST



Anything else:


As you are no doubt aware of, I am a Twitch and Discord Partner who has been at their craft for seven plus years. I am one of the original streamers that has helped blazed the trail in turning what we do into being an actual career path—especially for those who are disabled like myself. That being said, my brand and the channel I cast from which is known as The League of Extraordinary Gamers:


The League of Extraordinary Gamers is a brand, since its debut in 2011, been synonymous with quality and excellence. From the individual casts that started in those wild west days of streaming to my work within the community—especially when I put on charity marathon events. I have been fortunate to start in the pioneering days building up a solid fanbase that have followed me throughout the years as well as sponsors who believe in my brand and the events and work that I do both on screen and off it.


Given that I am disabled and someone that gets to make their own hours as a Twitch Partner, it generally leaves my hours quite open.

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