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Krafty Kitsune

Discord mod application

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Name: Krafty#0801

Age: 20

Favourite pony: Rainbow Dash


Why do you want to be an EQD Mod? 

Ever since having joined the EQD discord community I have received nothing but warm welcomes from everyone and a constant stream of discussion with multiple people, most of which are my friends now. I spend a large amount of my time on the EQD discord and interact with many people there by doing various things, and now having received a lot I want to give that back to the community and I feel that I can bring the good relationships I have with everyone as well as maturity to the table. This will allow me along with the help of the other moderators to keep the EQD discord a pleasant place to stay and enable newcomers to feel their most welcome, keeping toxicity and drama low, and keeping things in their respective channels.


What prior moderation/administration experience do you have, if any?

Back in 2012 I used to be an administrator in a Garry’s mod server for a year, as well as this we also had to moderate the forum too, during my time there I had to keep the server safe from trolls and prevent people from deliberately crashing it. I developed a good relationship with the owner and other staff members of the server and many of the server’s daily occupants. I was also on track to becoming a super admin before the server was closed down

I haven’t had much more experience since 2013 but I am willing to pick up the role again and use my knowledge of moderation if it’s to help a great community such as EQD.


Time Zone/Times you'll be able to moderate: 

GMT (+0)


Anything else you'd like to share 

I am currently a university student so sometimes throughout a certain day I may hover in an out as I get work done but I can maintain an online presence. I am quite flexible due to my timetable and I am in good terms with the moderation team over in Manechat too. Of course there’s no bias towards blue fast related things

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