Legends of Magic S7 connection and bye to Friends Forever (Spoilers?)

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I generally liked the FF series and I couldn't find too many problems with it that weren't present in the show or the rest of the comics line up. All in all, some of my favorites were in this series, though I think it's about time for it to end before it became stale. Honestly, I think that it's about time the main series ended as well. To me, all of the comics started great and declined as time went on.


Now, about the new series... Seems like they're going to explore lore and the past and I like the idea. I think it will be easier to do in the comics than in the cartoon. The problem is that I can see this easily becoming a huge wave of new characters with little to do with the show. I rather see characters like Celestia be explored for once, considering she's so old and utterly underused.


EDIT: I forgot to say... I definitively welcome the Legends of Magic, but I would also like to see the return of something in the likeness to the Micro series, especially with new characters in the show.

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Forgot to say some things.

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