Parka Posy

How do you represent yourself in the pony world?

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If you were to be transported into such a world, who do you think you would be?

A Unicorn? Pegasi? Earth pony? Or different species entirely?


I'm certain I would be some kind of Unicorn. People are always referring to my crafts as Witchcraft, or say to work my magic when I fix or make things. Being a bird spirit at heart, I would love to fly as a pegasi, but I would totally be a unicorn, I bet.  Honestly, I could probably write a full paragraph to even an essay of the symbolism behind what I've designed as my cutie mark.


Parka Posy New Hair by Couratiel

My hair curls in a very similar way when it grows out, as well as my same eye colour. Not entirely sure why I gave Parka Posy the excessive eyelashes though. For now I'll blame my gender identify denial at the time.
Parka was a nickname given to me back in highschool by my new friends when I transferred schools. (I always wore a Parka-like jacket since I was usually cold) I chose Posy for the second half of the name since I like alliteration and the flower's symbolism for creation and renewal. 




Post your Ponysona's and how they represent you

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I've had this placeholder OC for a while now, although I haven't really used her and because of my tendency to update my self-image, I can't say that I'm quite certain how I'd look.




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