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A Discord Moderator Application

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Salutations, staff recruiters!
Name: Umbra Talons #8962

Age: 23

Favorite Pony: Probably Queen Chrysalis, if she counts as a pony.

Why do I want to be an EQD Mod?

I genuinely want to be more involved with the community, and I believe I have valuable input to improve it.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have?

I am currently moderating about two RP servers, one that has been created recently this year, and one that was created years ago by one of my friends.

Time Zone: CST, which is six hours behind UTC.

Extra info:

I'm a long time regular of the EQD Discord Server and the now merged, Friendship is Gaming community. It's been a long two years since the EQD discord opened to the public and merged with FiGs Discord Server.

Many things have happened over those two years, but mostly positive thanks to the dedication of the staff, even those who had to step down for personal reasons or other life things.
Even though I might not know everyone personally on the Discord Server, I still consider you wonderful people to talk to and have discussions with.

Best of luck to any future applicants, I hope that you too can have a positive experience with the community, no matter who you are.



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