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I'm one of those guys who 'discovered' the magic of the show waaay after the first episode aired (at the beginning of 2014, during Season Four). The 'bronies' were an already stablished fandom by then, and liking ponies wasn't as rare and as 'new' as in 2010. Of course, because of that, I missed the so called "golden days" of 2010/2011/2012, back when pony things were something new and the fandom was starting to craft some of their greatest gems. Even today, almost three years after becoming a fan, there are still a number of things that I'm missing about the fandom.


Okay, so, keeping that totally unnecessary personal story aside, the thing is: I kinda want to learn more about the old days of the fandom. More specifically, all the "classics" from this fandom. For example, fanfics such as Past Sins, Fallout: Equestria and My Little Dashie are not only considered classics, but also some of the best fanfics (personal opinions aside) this fandom has to offer. Other example could be the kinda-abridged series "Friendship is Witchcraft". To a more "meme" extreme, the idea of the Solar Empire vs the Lunar Republic could count, too.


I've been a fan for almost three years and I simply keep finding more "classic" fanworks that I never heared about. I've tried searching for lists or posts in ED but I simply couldn't find any interesting source or list. So, why not asking to the fandom directly? Here's the thing: If you are an old school brony, what are the 'classics' that you can remember? If you are a new brony or a somewhere-in-between fan (like me), which fanworks from before you became a brony have gotten your attention? I'm particulary curious about things prior to the second half of 2013 (That is, prior to S4 and the first EG movies) but maybe new fans are interested in things that happened during the latest years, too.


I already gave a few names such as Fallout: Equestria and My Little Dashie. Hope to learn about new (old) things from this our fandom! 

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I don't know when exactly it was started, but the Mentally Advanced Series is super worth checking out. You can find the the early episodes, the ones that use footage from the show, here:

(well okay, didn't mean for that to be a great big attention-hogging box, but you do you, forum algorithms) and then the later episodes with *original animation* (after Hasbro cracked down on the use of official show content) on the actual channel of the creator, here:

... the quality gets better.

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