Song Association Game

Hey, you didn't post a real example of how the game goes!  

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  1. 1. Hey, you didn't post a real example of how the game goes!

    • Oops!
    • Sorry!
    • But is it really necessary?
    • You know your poll question isn't actually a question, right?
    • What you need to do is stop talking to yourself on the poll.
    • WhatisthisIdon'teven!

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Hi everyone!


Since the MLP Association Game seems to have a tendency for song postings, I figured I'd start a Song Association Game. 


Basically, first person posts a song, then the next person posts a song it reminded them of and so on. 


It doesn't have to be MLP related songs, of course, anything goes!

Well, maybe not anything...:nsfw:

Since this is an EQD forum, I'll start with something pony related anyway.



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