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After thinking about that i don't wanna create a new topic for every single question i have, i decided to create this topic.


Here everypony can talk about plotholes or things that make no sense to them in the show. If i have any more questions (or answers) about plot related things in the future i'll just post them here to spare this section of endless new topics with just one question. And so can you if you want to.


I also don't claim to be an mlp expert that knows everything (i still haven't watched season 4 - 7 including the first half of season 8), so if some of my questions are unecessary and answered in an episode i haven't seen, i apologize.


Without any further or do, let's get right into it with something i've been thinking about for a while.




In the first two episodes of season 1 it is said that the elements are in the ruins of the old castle in the everfree forest.



Why didn't Celestia take the elements of harmony with her?


Wouldn't it be foolish to leave those powerful objects just lying around in a place full of monsters where everypony that knows about them could just go and take them? Yes, they are still in stone and not awakened yet but wouldn't those stonespheres be required to awakened them (like Twilight made a big deal out of the spheres, then Nighmare Moon shattered them but they awakened and the pieces started flying around the mane 6 to magicaly become the real elements)


If the mane 6 would have proofen themselves to carry the characteristics but the spheres would have been gone would they still awake from the distance or not?


What if Chrysalis or another villain would have stolen them and tried to awaken them with magic or something?


Or did she think that the elements are useless now that Luna was banished and she just left them to decay in the forest?


Did she leave them because they reminded her of the painful banishment of her sister and she wanted to get rid of everything that reminds her of that pain?


Celestias decision to leave the elements of harmony behind instead of taking them with her is definatly questionable to me.

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Two more things.


How did the castle of the two sisters get destroyed?


In the flashback we saw that Nightmare Moon destroyed parts of the castle but the results in the first two episodes looked far from what she did during that night. What destroyed the castle? Or did Celestia decide to move in a new castle (or build a new one) after a while and then old castle began to fall apart over time?




What did Nightmare Moon mean by "Haven't you seen the signs?" in the first episode?


What signs? I saw no "signs".


Twilight just studied her story and came to the conclusion that it might be real. There were no signs that Nightmare Moon would make a big return until shortly before she returned.

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I know it falls under the Trope of "Early Installment Weirdness" but it's funny to watch the first episodes with Nightmare Moon's return, only to have her do some light pranking to hinder the Mane 6. Actually, it seems more like something Trollestia would do... :celestia:

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I just noticed that, in the scene where the mane 6 enter the forest, the location changes from the forest to the top of a mountain from one second to the next in very unnatural and sudden way.




Applejack continiues Raritys remarks on the forest that started when they entered the forest when they were on a mountain probably much later on.


I had a good laugh when i noticed that. xD

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