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Hunger Gaems: Shared Slaughter Edition

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If you want in or a tribute in then check to see if someone can roll back a tribute or two to find room for you. But if you don't want to do that you can still contribute by writing for me events. Don't worry about when or where they'll take place, if you're not sure what phase they should fire in I can make that decision.



Well it's that irregular time again. Time for new Hunger Games! With a twist. Still a full game of forty-eight slots. BUT, you only get half of those. Yes that's right folks, you get half. so who gets the other half? Your competitors! And who are these people?


RPGuild's Spam Forum


So sign yourselves and your memes right on up because you're now competing for the Shitposting Crown!


For those uninitiated: The Hungers Games uses the BrantSteele simulator by the same name. Using random number generation competitors across 12 districts (of 2, 3, or 4 members each) are cast in a completely randomized slaughterhouse. Whoever is the last one standing is the winner, like in the novels!


Feel free to submit yourself, a buddy, or some other character from some other media, real-life, or history or whatever the fuck. But remember: You only have 24 picks, so don't hog them all. If you submit someone else then make sure they're alerted so the moment they go salty I can fix it before I begin.


Unlike tradition in the past, I will not be submitting myself and will probably refrain from submitting any other characters; seeing as how I am in these two communities, it would be unfair if I put myself in one or the other after all. But everyone else is free game.


Oh, I'll also be taking custom events of any kind.




1) Zen



2) Procellus



3) Skyrazer



4) Nova S. Aurora



5) ChibiDashie



6) Tails



7) Azalea Floria



8) Gustav Mannerheim



9) T 34-85



10 BadShot



11) User



12) Kaethela



13) Sethisto



14) VMan



15) Borg



16) A Bag Of Vicodin



17) Not-Octavia



18) The Illustrious-Q



19) Allyster Black



20) Cyber Commander



21)  Frécinette



22) Ultimate AI



23) Vin



24) Light Landstrider


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The other team is stacked with communists that must be stopped, so I select the venerable Gustav "No Communists Allowed" Mannerheim as our counter to the communists!


We shall drive them into the snow!

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*obligatory forum staff pitch in*


Oh and go ahead and throw in my OC Shadow for lols


inb4 he kills me

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Damm you,  @AaronMk and your inconsistent Hunger games.

Its too for me to get my murder on but I'm support this bloodbath that we will victorious.

The only thing wrong with this line up is me not being in it but no matter.

By the way, it's GAMES.


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1 hour ago, MoltenKitten said:


Of course I'm triggered!


You think standard bows and arrows can take down a giant mobile metal vehicle that can shoot explosives?

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4 hours ago, Error said:

count me in?


Unless someone wants to roll back a tribute, we're actually full on both sides of the competitive pond.


BadShot has the monopoly on tributes so I'd complain to him if you want in. Otherwise feel free to write events. I have plans for this evening/afternoon so it won't be until later I begin building this.

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, today it is on. The first two-site Hunger games pitting the Friendship is Gaming-Equestria Daily Forums and the RolePlayerGuild Spam board against one another in not just a team battle, but a death match! A team death match? Team death free for all? Oh well, someone smarter than me will work that one.


The victor will be declared based on whoever is left standing, and which community he, she, or it is from. Further: boards will be judged on kills. So pray people, pray to RNGesus that your side gets the highest body count. And now: get ready to die!




Well ladies and gentleme we are off to another thrilling hunger games, and now the horn has sounded we begin to ruthlessly judge competitor intentions and strengths as the people scatter.


RPGuild's Druth was quick to scatter, while unrest unfolds among Fig ranks, Chibi and Vin have begun fighting for a bag. What's in the bag? Who knows. But Indigo Montoya got a canteen of water and a pagan cat got explosives. Off the bat in this early start the Guild has acquired an early elite lead in terms of resources. But I'm not covering the Cornucopia, we got more to go!


Fleight and panic prevail as the specter over Europe is revealed to be Octavia. What fail mechanization does he-she-it-I-dunno-they-never-post have for the greater games? Such knowledge is shrouded still in mystery and the full intrigue will never come to full light, it may just be as well hidden as the court spymaster of the Karling, or his own high native intrigue stat.


but while terror has gripped the hearts of Europe, Borg, Nova, Gandhi, and a squirrel help each other to collect as much swag as possible and splitting it among themselves before bolting in their own separate directions. A foundation for an alliance, me thinks.


And following the Spectre of Communism, Karl Marx flees the Cornucopia after being spooped by comrade Broby. Joseph Stalin however recognizes the bourgeoisie plot for what it is, and despite being of the political bourgeoisie class himself refuses to move and remains put until the madness settles. Gustav Mannerheim though totally passes up the fuel depot hidden inside for the tank, but the tank itself neglects the extra diesel and instead scoops up food for the tankers that operate it.


Clocktower Echoes is overwhelmed emotionally and cries. More charity between UltimateAI, BadShot, Sethisto, and Discord chat services. The Figs in their later resource rush are for sure more cohesive than the early birds.




As the competitors scatter into the wilderness. Allyster and Vizzini the Inconceivable are the first to meet in this second stage and Vizzini is quickly put under Allyster's spell and is enslaved.


The basket of deplorables is scarred by an anime fox.


And while not straight out of the gate, Skyrazer still dies in the early phase of the games, killed by Q, another non-poster.


Cynder gathers up some nuts.


Wizard Dog, undoubtably trained in the shitposting arts casts a spell to bombard Vilage with Korean advertisements.


The legendary Broby makes a legendary slingshot. The veteran of many games probably hears the murder of Azalea as Stalin kills her with a tree branch.


The chat service Discord frightens Diablo, who probably met his doom in many a multiplayer game of his own Diablo series when friends coordinate their banter in its streamlined, better-than-Skype service.


And the Mr Bates and killed by Procellus.


And all is right in the world when Karl Marx discovers the values of his own system of economics.


But really there's so much stuff going on right now I can't make any sense of it all. So let's move on.




These are the dead, blessed are they in their dead-ness.

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