Removing Monetization from YouTube Videos

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Most people probably already know that you can earn ad revenue from people watching your videos on YouTube.

Today, I saw this video: 

This is Apple the YouTuber, not the company of the same name. He lives in Denmark and primarily makes TF2 videos, mostly about the spy class. Although his channel is not one of the most popular ones that are centered on TF2, he still has a decent subscriber count and makes pretty good content in my opinion. His most recent upload (aside from this one) is a review of Roblox which he clearly put a lot of effort into and which I believe turned out very well. However, the amount of views it received is not indicative of that. This is one of the contributing factors that have led to his decision to remove monetization from his videos; in other words, his viewers will not see ads, and he will not get money from views. Instead, he is turning to Patreon for support.

Although it would be better to simply watch the video linked here, the gist of it is that Apple believes monetization, with the way YouTube works at this time, is hurting the quality of videos in general. With that said, what are your thoughts? Is this a good idea?

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Honestly if you have a fan base willing to pay you money every month, then I think Patreon is a good option instead of YouTube monetization.

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