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IMO, his theme when he's up to something:



IMO, his theme when he's just dropping by:



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His Unicorn disguise in Twilight's Kingdom:




Great, now I have to choose between him and Sombra.

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Original song sounds like it would be perfect as video game boss fight. Also the random inclusion of various instruments throughout is fitting. I am not exactly fan of synthesized music but this one is good. 

The remix is well just a remix. Call me evil incarnate but I do not care for majority of remixes. Think this one misses the point and only focused on making it appropriate more for a club. I only like that lyrics start earlier.


But Discord demands to pay him some attention. So what to say about him?

Well I loved him as a villain since reality changers are very much fun to watch. But honestly reformation declawed him a lot. While Discord can work as a villain or as neutral menace/jerkass genie, he doesn't quite have great impact as a spoiled brat. Most of his episodes are basically just him being attention seeker. That in my opinion makes him less intimidating because he no longer is a being of great power and is instead a kid having a tantrum. I still do find some of his antics funny but he will never again leave an impact like he had first time. He was close when he expressed his hate when Fluttershy was kidnapped.


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