Music fron Night Blaze (a.k.a [BC]afGun)

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Hi, and sorry in advance for my bad English :)

Hope this is the right place to introducing myself as musician.


Actually, I started to write music in 2007, but had a long pause since 2010-th for next 4 years, until was inspired to return by bronies. Since then, I chose the music as way of life.

Usially, I making it on "soundrack" type, where orchestral, electronic and rock styles usually mixed, sometimes using elements of orchestral epic music. Already was involved to create acual OST for 2 indie games. For now,  almost a half my works are pony related works where I using nickname "Night Blaze".


You can listen demo-reel here.


Or check mostly pony-related list here:



Realtevely most popular work:


...and freshest work on a moment of this post :):




Thanks for your attension :)

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