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Hi everypony, maybe you like audiobooks, dramatic readings and audio dramas of MLP fanfics just like me. There are many people on youtube, who create such things but after you listen to readings posted on the most famous channels it can get quite hard do find more content. So, I thought, I could put together a list of youtubers I ‘ve discovered so far, share it and save others the trouble of searching the endless space of youtube. The other reason I post this is I would like to ask you, if you could share any dramatic reader channels I missed. No clop please.


·        Scribbler Production

·        TheLostNarrator

·        Magpiepony

·        Thornquill Audiofics

·        Astro-brony

·        Chaotic

·        Crafty Reads

·        Creepypastasalad

·        DRWolf001

·        Emogak

·        Forest Rain

·        Goomba Guy Videos

·        GutiuSerenade

·        Jonty Jig

·        Keyframe Production

·        Luvlessi

·        Nimbus Production

·        Solar Pony

·        ShadowofCygnus

·        Silver Pony Players

·        The Brony Chronicler

·        Wuten (yes, yes, I said no clop, but the Noodle pony did also The Last Son of Dublin, which is one of my favourite dramatic readings)

·        Visualpony thenarrator

·        Deftfunk

·        Neighrator Pony

·        Iliya Leonov AKA Morgan Freepony

·        BogyleBronies

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