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59 minutes ago, ChB said:


Princess Cadance: Shiny. Shiny! Shiny!! 


Shining Armor: Yes, Cadance, what is it?


Princess Cadance: If you'd known how I look in the morning, would you still marry me?


(long silence)


Princess Cadance: Well, would you?!


Shining Armor: I'm trying to decide!


<Slowly raises hand>

I would... Because one of the benefits of being a cartoon horse is that morning hair makes you cuter.

Celestia: You would what?

Why, help her brush her mane. Of course.

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When I was about 12 years old, I used to confuse Princess Cadance for DJ Cadence from Club Penguin. (They have a similar name and they're both pink.)

I never played the game, I was only aware of the character: "DJ Cadence" from the "Party Starts Now" music video that aired on the Disney Channel back then.


Image result for club penguin dj cadence

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I have no idea how Dashie got Cady to do this, but I guess she couldn't say no considering that it is Rainbow's day. Plus there was cider :3



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