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6 hours ago, Light Blade said:

@Sparklefan1234 Oh, that wouldn't go that far. After all, Twilie is his little sister. And Shining loves his little sister ^_^


Shining Armor & the others leaving her did cause Twilie to feel sad, though. I know she was acting like a jerk but, still.



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@Sparklefan1234 Jerk? I wouldn't go that far. It's just...things change in our lives. Doesn't always mean they get better. It is not easy for a sibling to see his/her sibling changing priorities and having somepony else as their most beloved pony. Sibling in their heart remains, still glowing. There is just something that glows a bit brighter. It is okay if you feel a bit selfish. That means that you are a just a regular pony being with your own set of pros and cons. And besides, everypony has his/her own life to pursue.

My point is that of course Twilie felt bad about Shining dedicating his life to somepony else, moving her aside. He was (and remains) her BBBFF after all. He did not forget. He never forgets that he has only one Twilie.


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