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Fine tidings, I am Altastrofae, but those familiar are free to call me Astro. It has a nice ring to it, nón?

As is customary, I would say a proper introduction is in order.

Well, I am a bisexual male, who is in his teen years. I'm an aspiring artist, and I'm always doodling every now and then. I also dabble in poetry and philosophy myself. I'm a practicing Wiccan, though my practice is quite eclectic in nature. Wicca still lays in the center of those practices. I consider myself a witch as well, and dabble in the occult at my leasure. 

Favorite Main 6 Pony: Fluttershy

Favorite Princess: Luna

Favorite Background Ponies: Feather Bangs, Maud, and Tree Hugger

Sun Sign Zodiac: Scorpio

Auric Colour: Indigo

Current Favorite Anime: Black Butler (but I appreciate all anime)

Favorite thing about life: The randomness. That the life we're living now will likely never be repeated in quite the same way ever again. Once it's over, it becomes special. Only when you're gone do people ever realize your uniquity, knowing they can never have it again.


If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. I will get to answering them on my own time.

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