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okay its been a while I just remembered this game

Image result for yugioh duelist of the roses

Now this game is actually one of the worst games I've played.

Lets start off with the story,

Okay the story is the war of the roses but with yugioh characters

But really. If you think for a second that just because the story is all about The War of the Roses and the battle between

The House of York and House of Lancaster that this is going to be a deep game, then let this be a warning to walk away right now. 

So you go around defeating various characters getting their rose cards now you'll have all 8 of your factions rose cards

and you have to get the other factions rose cards to defeat the true final boss (by the way its not Kaiba).

you get to choose your deck leader (your avatar in duels)

and which faction you pick Red (Yugi) or White (Kaiba) determines who you face through out the game.

Except the final boss who is the same just with a different deck master.

Other then that the story is just forgettable in my opinion,

besides that theres not really much to this story.

Now on to the gameplay

This game uses a big game board with each deck leader on each side

you have to get to the opponent's deck leader to attack them directly. 

 Heres the thing you can't play any spells or traps after you summon a monster and vise versa

yeah that's right you're only limited to 1 card per turn so yeah I hope you like extremely limited gameplay ,

and yeah you have a deck limit meaning your deck can't go over a certain amount of points if it does you can't challenge that opponent

meaning you have to completely retool your deck to be at that limit which is equal to or less then that amount,

Lets say Panic has a deck limit of 874 if your deck limit exceeds that you cannot challenge panic

and this is one thing that hurts the game in my opinion it feels more of a lazily tacked on way to add "challenge" to the game,

oh yeah you're only allowed 41 cards in your deck

but in reality it adds more frustration then anything else theres little to no strategy involved just get to the other side of the board and

beat the crapola out of your opponents

you can fusion summon but it eats up your hand and thins your deck extremely fast because you draw cards equal to that amount you used

the next turn.

so that means if you used up 5 cards you draw 5

the decks you get are crappy

and due to the restrictive nature of deck construction you are limited on what you can play.

the graphics are okay for the ps2 era nothing stand out great nor terrible

the positives

there are no real positive things I can say about the game (which is a first for this review series)


the forced difficulty because of the deck limit

the gameplay

the story

so overall I give this game a 3/10

don't buy this game unless you're looking to complete your yugioh video game collection

just buy tag force 3-6  or just play actual yugioh instead




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4 hours ago, Spider said:

there are no real positive things I can say about the game (which is a first for this review series)

Actually, I'd give it at least 1 -- the epic scene if you complete Exodia:


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