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I guess that I'm still figuring out how to ask or where to posit such a question, but I'm basically trying to figure out how the conventions work, if they cost anything, and if there are groups that form to go to them, groups to make logistics and costs easier to deal with. That, and I'm not sure that, at least in the sense of the big one, BronyCon in Maryland, I think it is, that I'll really have the wherewithal to get there on my own. Crowds and flight and all, so I was really just trying to find out where to even ask these questions.

With Everfree Northwest, that one shouldn't be as much trouble, but going with some other people might make such an unprecedented gesture on my part a bit easier to transition into.

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Cons cost money, and you'll need to sort out hotel accommodations. If you don't already have a budget to travel I would advise against it because of all the expenses. But if you do and you're not a poor college student renting out a chunk of your parent's home while trying to keep the books afloat on a part-time job: then knock yourself out.


Going with a group will help with expenses too, particularly on the hotel front. Last I checked you can get a better deal if you have more people in your party AND you can always split the hotel cost between everyone so a lower per-person cost is paid; how this is may depend on hotel of choice. If you're travelling there in a group from whatever town where you all live then carpooling will help making that cheaper.


And maybe you can get a train if you're on the east coast. Slower than flying, but generally cheaper I imagine.

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