Your thoughts on the Detective Pikachu Movie trailer?

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Alright. First off, i feel the need to share this picture with you.




Looks pretty beautyful to me.



Second and more important to this topic.


The Detective Pikachu Movie trailer was released just hours ago. And boy was it. INTERESTING.




As a big and longtime Pokemon fan who played the games like, all day when i was a child this certainly is an interesting moment. Despite some pokemon looking pretty disturbing and some really cliched distance-shots of explosions and energy shockwaves this trailer is actually pretty decent.


But that's just my opinion.


What do you think?

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Here are a few additional thoughts.


Aye they got Ken Watanabe in it. Of course they had to include at least one japanese person, to not upset the fans and "pay a tiny tribute" to the japanese origin on pokemon.


Many fans seem to be upset or divided by the trailer. I've watched a pretty high amount of pokemon live action fan trailers recenly and i think the thing is that in all those years where pokemon fans wanted and fantasized about a live action pokemon movie they imagined the pokemon looking cartoonish in a real world. Like this:




I have my doubts that a high budget pokemon movie that actually works like the show with battles and catching pokemon and Team Rocket could work at all. But hey, Detective Pikachu is what it is, a different case and i gonna watch and very likely enjoy the movie nonetherless.

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