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New Season 5 trailer

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New Season 5 trailer.

Since I didn't see a topic about this yet, I figured one needed to be made. I'm more excited than ever for the second half... this trailer seems to hint we're going to have some fun things going on. (I added a spoiler tag for fair warning, since some things in that trailer do allude to the plot of a few different episodes.)

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Teaser image for Saturday's episode. Less than 2 days left until s5 resumes!


A couple more images.

The quality is kind of poor because they're photos of a TV screen, but we get a glimpse of a new character.

I think I know what the lesson might be. "Don't let your dreams blind you. Pursue them, but be willing to acknowledge when they change." (I suspect Rarity is going to realize she no longer wants to live in Canterlot... not that she will give up on being a famous fashion designer. Considering Ponyville now has a castle and a Princess in residence... it wouldn't be hard to make her Ponyville boutique famous instead.)

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More screens surfaced and some new thoughts

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