Dawn of the Hive

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This story takes place after the defeat of Queen Chrysalis as things seemed at peace with Equestria for now as the new King Thorax lead a new group of reborn changelings as they soon created they're own town outside Ponyville it's located around the outsides of Everfree Forest while they found it a nice home the Timberwolves and various other creatures within didn't take to they're new neighbors as they would often attack the village but the new Changelings were able to push them back with some help from the Elements of Harmony. Soon years went by at least perhaps 20 years as a lot of things changed things were pretty quiet during that lifespan as the Elements of Harmony lived they're own lives along with Princess Twilight herself going by the title Queen of Ponyville as it soon grew to be as big as Manehattan in city size. Deep in the outskirts on the continent of Manestralia it was a barren wasteland because within it was entirely taken over by Queen Chrysalis herself she still had some loyal followers with her as they took over the continent during the passing years growing stronger in size or strength she herself was a fearsome queen throughout the continent whatver ponies were alive were either used to feed the newly hatched changelings or used as slaves.The older changelings grew into looking like developed changelings like Chrysalis herself some want to even challenge the Queen for her title but for now they stay loyal to her and even suggested on making a council. Queen Chrysalis agreed to this so she could keep a eye on them and even find ways on conquering the lands of Equestria. Some say they're is supposedly a underground resistance of changelings or ponies that want to fight against Queen Chrysalis herself but they needed help so they sent a pegasus to send a message to Queen Twilight Sparkle herself but little did the pegasi know he was being followed in secret. The message was sent to Queen Twilight as she flew with Celestia and Luna as she told them as well they flew to Manestralia to fight with Chrysalis but as days past they never came back from Manestralia. Soon Twilight's friends got worried and decided to head over there along with some of the Canterlot Army along with King Thorax's own group to assist. But just like the three girls they never returned either with rumors speculating they were killed by some large Changeling warriors or captured as slaves to be drained of they're love and friendship no one is sure about the events that happened expect by Queen Chrysalis herself and her newly created council...

Sorry for the long story plot there now if you want to join you can have a couple places to start just post where you will be.

The places or groups you can start at is Equestria or Manestralia. The groups you can start in:

- The Manestralia Resistance -

- Swarming Carapaces (Queen Chrysalis Council) -

- Canterlot Army -

- Chrysalis Army -

Only have a few rules here besides the obvious no God Modding or Flaming
- No Canon Characters can be played with the exception of background characters depending who it is for the story purposes I will play as Queen Chrysalis for the story sake as for the others that went to Manestralia I wanna keep they're fates unknown for now

- Try not to go to far ahead in the RP because well we all have our own lives and we can't keep up with the story if someone is super far ahead of the other RPers.

- Don't go to Queen Chrsyalis directly like well the lone protagonist if you have too don't make a fight that'll end the rp early because that spoils the fun,

- That's all for now more will be added depending what happens.

Post what character you will be and what group they're in the group is totally optional by the way.

Name: Storm Vashsaint

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Personality: Storm is a pony who has expectional skills in detective deductions who plans ahead but the one thing she is shy. She tends to push people away who come by her even if they're being friendly however with mean people she has no problem telling them off. To the few people who are able to interact with her she will offer her input on problem solving but normal everyday talk she will often keep quiet and be in the background. She will stick her neck out for someone who is being accused of wrong doings and gladly will solve they're case. And as a side note she distests anything slimy or creepy looking her most hated place would have to Everfree Forest.

Place of Start: Equestria,Ponyville

( I apologize for the size im not sure how to shrink the image a tad)

Name: Trust

Race: Dog

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Manestralia Resistance

Personality: Trust is what the name implies a kind hearted and loyal dog who would help anyone in need even at the risk of his own life. He bares a cutie mark tattoo in the shape of a pencil mark he gave himself a tattoo as he was teased when he was younger for not having a cutie mark in his hometown of Manestralia. He's always had a big heart despite the teasing as he never let it get him down he always approached life with a cheeriness. With the attack of Queen Chrysalis in his hometown it's left in a bit of a miserable state but he keeps fighting on as he rather let others do his thinking. He never felt like the leader type as he felt he's friends or team knew what was the better option as he worries a bad idea could ruin his friends or team.

Description: ( In the picture I posted )

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