Cancelled G3 Feature Film

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A while back, I saw a post from a G3 Tumblr I follow that there were plans for a G3 feature film. Somehow (don't ask how because I'm honestly not sure myself), news that the first teaser for the G4 film is being released this week got me thinking about it again. This is the post I saw it from:


The picture is from a brochure that came with a G3 pony.


I did a little Googling and information on it is (unsurprisingly) scarce because I couldn't find much about it. I was about to give up when I found another post from the same Tumblr that found some information on the MLP website via the Wayback Machine. Unless someone manages to find more info, this is probably the most info you're going to find on it:


I do want to point out a couple things about the post that I'm unsure of. One thing I'm not sure of is that is prnewswire said that Fat Rock films would be a combination of live action and digital animation. While it's possible it meant that the G3 movie would've had live action mixed in, I wonder if it meant they would be making live action films in addition to animated ones. The author of the post also said that they heard Fat Rock collapsed shortly after A Charming Birthday was made, but I checked out their website on the Wayback Machine and it was still up in early 2004 (A Charming Birthday was released in 2003). Maybe it was actually shortly after it was released? In any case, Fat Rock clearly wasn't around for long. For most of 2004, their website had a message that said "under construction" that lasted until it's last capture in early 2005.


While I don't think this would've been a big hit or anything, I do wonder what exactly would've come out of this.



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Huh, I had never heard about this before! A shame it ended up not being made, with how much they seemed to be mentioning it back then it sounds like it had to have at least begun being made, right? Strange that they never finished it...

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