Game Theory: Leave PewDiePie ALONE!

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I'm going to try my damndest to tread lightly here as Aeth and Palandrose have torn open a ton of bags of potato chips and egg cartons all over the floor; did I mention the massive oil spill as well?


I think the point being missed here, is that a lot of Youtube celebrities have been getting a lot of "something for nothing" in Palandrose's eyes, while the honest working man is carrying out a real job, doing something for the society when someone like Pewds, Mark, and Mat Pat are earning money just by playing video games all day. To most people, like the Public Media that have been slandering the youtube celebs, find this to be a spectacular waste of time to the masses and it's not the first (nor the last) time we've heard this. And it makes sense to, Video Game gameplay and reaction videos don't necessarily contribute anything to society in the long run, but they do actually contribute something.

Markiplier and the others are entertainers, they do this to entertain the masses of those who watch their videos. Some methods are better than others, given, and not every community has been the best either (like PewDiePie's for example). While you view that making money by playing video games is not the right thing to do, just remember that the world of entertainment would be a little less...well, entertaining for lack of a better word.

Some do it for the money, and some do it as a passion, and I firmly believe that Markiplier does it purely as a passion and for the love of the community that watch his videos.

*Puts on a gasmask and waits for the match to drop*

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I don't give a shit about either PewDie or Mark. I think they're both annoying and have even more irritating fanbases, but that's about it. Not gonna lose sleep over their existence.

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