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UGC HL Season 17

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A week and a half until the season starts. Map list is out.











Not sure if Squee Squad is still going this season. If they aren't, I may try to throw together a team for the next season. 

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From the new whitelist:

//Allowed Taunt
"Replay Taunt" "1"
"Laugh Taunt" "1"
"Taunt: The Killer Solo" "1"
"Taunt: Most Wanted" "1"
"Taunt: The Proletariat Showoff" "1"
"Taunt: The Boston Breakdance" "1"
"Buy A Life Taunt" "1"
"Results Are In Taunt" "1"
"Party Trick Taunt" "1"
"Fresh Brewed Victory Taunt" "1"
"I See You Taunt" "1"
"Battin' a Thousand Taunt" "1"
"Spent Well Spirits Taunt" "1"
"Deep Fried Desire Taunt" "1"
"Oblooterated Taunt" "1"

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//Banned Items
"Crit-a-Cola" "0"
"The Sandman"  "0"
"High Five Taunt" "0"
"The Vita-Saw" "0"
"The Loch-n-Load" "0"
"The Loose Cannon"  "0"
"Darwin's Danger Shield" "0"
"The Reserve Shooter" "0"
"The Enforcer" "0"
"Meet the Medic Heroic Taunt" "0"
"The Short Circuit" "0"
"Bombinomicon" "0"
"The Pomson 6000" "0"
"The Jingle Belt" "0"
"The Bootie Time" "0"
"The Beggar's Bazooka" "0"
"Pet Balloonicorn" "0"
"Pet Balloonicorn Promo" "0"
"Pet Balloonicorn Plush Promo" "0"
"The Lollichop" "0"
"The Rainblower" "0"
"The Diamondback"  "0"
"Autogrant Pyrovision Goggles" "0"
"Pyrovision Goggles" "0"
"The Infernal Orchestrina" "0"
"The Burning Bongos" "0"
"Baby Face's Blaster" "0"
"The Red-Tape Recorder" "0"
"Promo Red-Tape Recorder" "0"
"Deflector" "0"
"Pet Reindoonicorn" "0"
"The Shred Alert" "0"
"Halloween Unfilled Spellbook" "0"
"Halloween Spellbook" "0"
"Basic Spellbook" "0"
"The Soda Popper" "0"
"The Air Strike"  "0"
"Square Dance Taunt" "0"
"Flippin' Awesome Taunt" "0"
"RPS Taunt" "0"
"Skullcracker Taunt" "0"
"Rancho Relaxo Taunt" "0"
"Conga Taunt" "0"
"Powerup Strength" "0"
"Powerup Haste" "0"
"Powerup Regen" "0"
"Powerup Resist" "0"
"Powerup Vampire" "0"
"Powerup Warlock" "0"
"Powerup Precision" "0"
"Powerup Agility" "0"
"Secret Diary" "0"
"Halloween Spellbook Page" "0"
"Halloween Spellbook Page (Achievement)" "0"
"Pool Party Taunt" "0"
"Taunt: The Boxtrot" "0"
"Taunt: Kazotsky Kick" "0"

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Welp, Squee Squad starts the season with a 2-1 loss.


Personal best was completely shutting down an attempted uber push into last. I lived way too long while juggling their combo.

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