Steroids episode.

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I have an idea for an episode.


After underperforming at a Wonderbolts practice, Rainbow is tempted to take performance-enhancing drugs.


Alternatively, Rainbow could catch a fellow Wonderbolt using performance-enhancing drugs, and must decide whether or not to tell Spitfire, because she's worried about being called a snitch.


They could have the drug be a vitamin, and say that it makes you stronger and faster.


The temptation to use steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs is something young athletes WILL face, and I'd be interested to see if the show could tackle such an issue.

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it sounds like a good idea but you have soccer moms who would cry boohoo hoo

this is to offensive for my kids

now my kids crave steroids or some soccer mom bullshit

I think itd be a meh episode depends on how they handle it.

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If they managed a death allegory, they can probably handle a Very Special Episode with tact. It'd be easy enough to have some candy-like substance as a stand-in for steroids that gives pegasi extra speed and endurance, only there's some nasty mood swings and physical side effects and in the end we all learn that users are losers. I'd love to see a don't do drugs episode. Mostly, I want to see what ponies look like when they're high as balls. But they would have to be careful not to make drugs seem appealing to the young'uns, so it probably wouldn't be as funny as I would hope.

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23 minutes ago, LostSanity said:

It's a drug.

Shows like this don't handle drug-related issues.

It won't happen.

Just accept it.


Technically, there was Poison Joke, Cutie Pox, etc. (not to mention the artifacts I already... er... mentioned).


Awfully drug-like, IMO.

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