Been reading EQD for a while, decided to join the forums

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As the title says, I’ve been reading EQD for a while, more specifically around late January, 2016. Today, I decided to join the forums since I thought it could be fun to interact in a forum (forums also help with reducing social anxiety since I can process things at my own speed, rather than talking in person).

I’ve been watching the show since January 15, 2016. The main reason why I started was because Chuggaaconroy also watched it, and I like his videos. In December 2015, I noticed some ponies on Chugga’s shelves in one of the Stephenvlog videos, so I did research and discovered that Chugga did watch it. My mom is the only person that I’ve told that I watch it, and she was ok with it since she likes horses (she showed them when she was in 4-H and has a few horses right now that she rides) and has at least one G1 plush, with her other one somewhere else (she doesn’t know where it is for sure).

Other than ponies, I also play video games (mostly Nintendo), make YouTube videos (technology and gaming, mostly), and develop software (mostly using VB dot Net since it’s easy to use and makes sense for how my brain works). I’d rather not link to my profiles with my real name, but I will say that I make pony references in my Let’s Play videos (ponies are a bit of an obsession, obviously). I do have a DeviantArt account, being “db100-da” over there (db100 was taken). “db” stands for “database”, and “100” is the first thing I thought of for a number. Something else I like to do is build computers. My current destop was built in October 2014, and I upgrade it every so often.

 My favorite cat color is calico, and my calico cat isn’t around anymore, sadly. My favorite mane ponies are Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity, with Fluttershy and Rarity in a close 2nd place tie, sometimes with one coming ahead if only one of the two are in a particular scene, or even trading 2nd based on whoever of the two is currently speaking. My favorite princess is Luna, which seems appropriate since blue/dark blue is my favorite color.

For favorite operating systems, on the desktop, it would be Windows 7, though I currently use Windows 10 and really wish Windows 7 could be optimised at a low level like 10’s version of NT. Windows 10 isn’t too bad with several group policy tweaks, though, and I like how much smoother it is. For mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 is something I really miss, but iOS 12 isn’t too far off (no quiet hours text breakthrough for some reason is weird, but it’s also made by Apple, sooo...)

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It’s very nice to meet you! I’m Wolfyowl :cookie: I like Nintendo as well, I play smash bros and splatoon on the switch, on the 3ds I play animal crossing new leaf and tomodachi life. 

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