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Games you hate that everyone else loves


Games you love that everyone else hates


Please keep it civil people.



- Borderlands 1 & 2. Hated the first one and I played all the DLC on the GOTY edition. Tried number 2 and only found one of the problems with the first game fixed with others made worse.
- Call of Duty. Too many in too short a time span. One every year doesn't mean improvement.
- Sports games. Same reason as above.
- Grand Theft Auto IV. Got incredibly bored of the story only 1/4th of the way through the game. Only fun the game had to offer were cheats.
- Metal Gear Solid series. Series plot is complicated for the sake of being complicated, not being deep, meaningful, or interesting like it pretends to be. I feel like playing the series to understand the plot would be the equivalent of homework.
- Demon's/Dark Souls. I understand that's it's not a game for everyone, but personally, hair ripping challenge does not equal a fun game to me.
- Sly Cooper Trilogy. Liked number 1, hated 2, felt 3 was meh.
- Assassin's Creed. Same problem as Call of Duty. Only difference is that I didn't feel the first was good enough to warrant a greatest hits release, let alone 20 sequels.
- Fallout 3/New Vegas. 3 had "so much to do" despite me wandering the wasteland for multiple hours looking for something to do only to get killed by some random enemy due to high level gap or lack of useful weaponry. Liked New Vegas until the end required me to do more side quests than I already dumped multiple hours into before even contemplating the end missions due to (again) insanely high leveled enemies and lack of useful weapons/ammo for useful weapons. Not to mention the severe lack of healing items that healed more than half a point.
- Pokémon. Worse than Call of Duty in the sense of repackaging the same game and charging full price for it. While they take longer to release a new title, that makes it all the worse when it's basically a carbon cutout of the previous games from the last 20 years. Lost interest from Black and White on due to the story misleading me into thinking that it would delve into more interesting dilemmas than "leader of evil group wants to take over the world with Pokémon/be the best trainer in the world"

- Skyrim. Similar problems to Fallout. Not a lot of healing items and you die rather easily (though not as easy as in Fallout) and while it actually had a lot to do, the game does a poor job of explaining it in enough detail to where I actually bother to try doing it. 
- Super Mario/Mario Kart/Mario Party. Exact same problem as Pokémon. Only difference is the games are usually only rereleased with each new console. Only exception to my dislike is Smash Bros.
- Bioshock Infinite. I don't exactly hate this game, but I didn't really see what people found so great about it. Played through it, but didn't find it having as much of an impact on me as the original Bioshock.


Honestly, I don't really have any games that I like that everyone else hates. At least not to an extreme degree like the games above. Probably the closest is Final Fantasy XIII. I didn't think the game was too bad and I liked the battle mechanics and how you had to be pretty strategic in some fights to survive.

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Call of Duty/Battlefield/Arma: I'm not into military shooter games.



Battleborn. I don't care what everyone says, I love this game. The environments, the characters, the gameplay and the music is what makes this game special.



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Games I hate that everybody else likes

CoD its repackaged as a "new game" when its the same game as the last installment and not a big fan of grey brown military shooters

minecraft its not my cup of tea I played it for bout 5 hours then got sick of it

Pokémon cookie cutter franchise like call of duty every year its the same crap you play one you feel like you've played them all

fire emblem never got into it tried awakening and I lost interest midway through

sonic and sega all stars racing transformed the first one was better in my opinion this game felt a bit lazy in some areas

games I like that everybody hates

sonic and the black knight its not that bad there are worse sonic games then this one




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