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Age: 28

Favorite Pony: Derpy

Why do you want to be an EQD Mod?

Been lurking in the community a long time, figured id try to help out a bit in my free time.

The current mods are doing good work, And I wouldn't mind joining the ranks.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have, if any?

Ive been a team speak moderator in a fairly large gaming clan 250+ for a couple years; also have been a forum moderator; as well as a site admin.

IRL, I am a low level supervisor , and supervise a crew of 4 people, coordinating with my boss and assigning tasks, also taking their needs into account as well.

Time Zone:  ACDT, Australian central daylight time. Active hours daily 5pm-10pm usually.

.Anything else you'd like to share: Im a native English speaker(Canadian) and can also speak some French. Im a hobby artist and do some digital drawings.

Im mature when i have to be, but having fun is necessary to a good life :p.

The rules are there as a guideline and I just want to make sure everypony has a fun and safe time while on the EQD discord. If you have any questions or want to consider my application DM me on discord! I'll try to reply promptly. Thanks

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