StarCraft II Mod: Galactic Equine

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Greetings to all.

I am not entirely sure if this is the right place to host this recruitment/discussion thingie, so I'm gonna put it here first. Alright, so.

About three years ago, someone decided to start work on a StarCraft II Arcade mod based on MLP, named 'Galactic Equine'. He and a few others were planning to create a mod where you could play Equestrians on a typical StarCraft II map. They had managed to do many things, including setting up a tech-tree, creating the unit mechanics for quite a few of the units, and even getting 3D-modelers AND voice-actors for the worker unit.

However, around a year ago, the project kind of just... died. No one was working on it, most of the original team had left. It was around this time that me, and a friend of mine decided to try and take over the project to work on it.


After a year of doing approximately nothing, both of us realized that we were way too incapable of actually doing anything, so here I am. I have already asked the original creator of the mod for the go-ahead to post this here, and here it is, a recruitment drive for people to (once again) work on the project and (to my understanding) complete it as it was really almost finished, mechanically.

So, this is a call for help. This project is really pretty cool, and though it is far from being aesthetically complete, is really close to mechanical completion. We need a lot of different people, actually, and if you would like to help, but don't know how to, just contact me, or the original creator, and we can probably tell you. (maybe)

For more information on the project and what had been done about it, check out the links below:

https://www.youtube.com/user/GalacticEquine (The YouTube Channel of the original team)

https://www.youtube.com/user/redwings13400 (The YouTube Channel of the leader of the original team)

If you would like to help, you can contact:

isaaclokeweiensecondary@gmail.com (Me)

redwings1340@gmail.com (The leader of the original team)


And to all who think you can't help, please share this to those whom you think can! This project really needs people in order for it to be completed.


p.s. Sorry for the cringey English, I'm kinda struggling to find the words.

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