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Slap the user above you

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As i reach for my glove, something seems off, is it the shape? It certainly wasn't like that before...wait, even the color is different.

Was I going mad? Before I could shrug that feeling off the change happened before my eyes, and then once more, like the glove was in a state of unrest, not sure of what it wants to be.

Hesitantly I slip it on my hand, binary numbers start flashing before my eyes and a huge red flashing message appears:


now I know what has happened, I know what must be done...

With all my strength I swing my open palm across the room, a glitch happens, me and the glove suddenly disappear.

Moments later I materialize in front of Error mid swing, before he has the time to react my palm finishes it's motion by meeting his face.

Everything seems to be in slow motion as his features are deformed under the force of the impact, his glasses slowly drifting away from his face.

The glove returns to normal, the glitch is fixed, the error is the deadly silence that remains I only find the strength to say: "I'm sorry"

Moments later one last ripple of energy sends me hurling back from where I came.

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As I was about to slap you with a Cane-sword, I stopped immediately and lowered my Cane-sword and instead, I patted and comforted the crying pony that I was about to slap.

"Shhh dont worry, I'll just slap someone else with a cane-sword on my next comment."

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