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hey everyone whats going on ? ^^ so it has come to this i know season 9 of mlp is ending but thats not stopping me to join in and wait for gen 5 to come around ^^ so anyways here is some facts of me :3

i am a gamer have bother ps4 pro and xbox one x and currently building a pc....slowly becouse of the extremely expensive video cards <.<

as for my favorite pony is derpy ! :3 and for the main 6/7 is twilight ^^

as for an oc dont have one made at the moment since i was busy watching and catching up on the show and i am all caught up plus with some shorts :3

sadly i cant draw so ill have to do a quick oc maker of one <.< they reallly need to make a new one for the up coming gen 5 or at least up to date with more mane styles..

also for favorite princess is !.................princess Celestia :3

ohh and what got me into mlp ? ummmmm mlp youtube poops ? xD  thats what got me interested and started to watch some of the pony anthologys , lullaby for a princess and .....*shivers* smile HD


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On 2/26/2019 at 1:44 AM, ComsicSilver said:

and for the main 6/7 is twilight ^^



Book pony is best pony! :happy_twi: Welcome to the forum.

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