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EG Top 5 Reasons Why Human And Princess Twilight Should Interact In The Specials

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Here are the top 5 reasons why in the Specials that Human And Princess Twilight should interact with each other. I also made videos like this and other rants with reviews on a playlist. Heres a link down in the paragraph for you to watch them on my channel. I know your not here for that (even though I want you to do it) but I decide to type down in paragraphs. So I hope your you will understand what I'm coming from.




Reason Number 1

Less Princess Twilight In Equestria Girls


Even Since after Rainbow Rocks Princess Twilight is seeing less and less in EQ. She only appeared in Deleted Scenes, only make a minor appearance in Friendship Games in 20 seconds, and is mention a couple times in Legend Of Everfree. Now we all can Agree that she's busy in Equestria and it did work for FG when she had problems with Starlight Glimmer but thats because I was fine with it. In Friendship Games I have mix feelings will that movie, I found it half good, but also half weak due to weak villains and some songs. But my problems with Legend Of Everfree is that she didn't appear in the movie. Now I get she didn't need to be in that movie but to me I want her to help Human Twilight to confront Midnight Sparkle (The same she did to Nightmare Moon And Sunset Shimmer) Now It won't help for Sunset's development in LOE but I'll get to that later. My point is Princess Twilight being in less Equestria Girls is kind of sad for because she hasn't been in the Spin Off series for 2 movies. And the portal she made was really pointless since she use it 3 times and the 1st time was serious while the other times are just minor. Later in this you will understand why Princess Twilight should return in the Specials.




Reason Number 2



The Human Worlds Spike is nothing special. When he got the ability to talk in FG he didn't do anything helpful and just like LOE, but more useless then the last movie. I get there making him more different then the Spike in FIM but the reason why the Equestria Spike is better is because he has a lot more Development in the show. In EG and RR he did helpful things for the characters and had great lines in the movies. This Human World Version of Spike is really weak. He has less develipment in the movies and doesn't to anything for this Spin Off series. My point is that both Spikes should have scenes together so the Spike in the Spin Off series might get Development. But by the looks of this, the only things I can think of for the Soike from the Spin Off is doing Dog Things (Still no excuse for this development for him), Probably has a crush on Fluttershy (In my opinion), And lastly he gave Midnight Sparkle the puppy eyes look in order to get Twilight Sparkle to snap out of it (probably the only useful thing he ever did).





Reason Number 3

Flash Sentry's Character Development


Now I get all the Flash backlash it got after the 1st movie but I don't hate Flash at all but his Development is just sad for not only me, but for the people who Ship this. Now I'm not a shipper of this but I'm in the middle of Hate and Ship boat on this. After the 1st Movie we see less and less of Flash Sentry, to the point where his relationship between Twilight is getting less and less development. And Human Twilight finds him less Interested in him and in LOE he's in love with Timber. Sunset tells him about tough love and...  I didn't like it because Princess Twilight wasn't in that movie to see this. Now I get that Flash and Twilight can't be together because there in different worlds but my problems is that the Flash Sentry in Equestria is WAY MORE useless then the one in the human world since Princess Twilight never talk to him (even if he lives in the Crystal Empire). The thing I don't like for Flash haters is the backlash of this Development. I get he's predicable but still, Princess Twilight never talked to him since RR and wasn't okay with the sort of reunion on Sunset and Flash. All we get from them is that they broke up and thats it. And the next reason should explain more about this.




Reason Number 4

Sunset Shimmer's Relationship


In the 1st movie she's a villain until the end of the movie, and after that she a protagonist and one of BOTH Twilights friends. Now I'm talking about her Relationship will Princess Twilight. In RR we only get one scene between the two in Pinkie Pie's slumber party and...  thats it. After this we got nothing but a delete scene and Sunset writing to her in FG. We never get Any development between the 2 since RR (again with RR), and to me it makes the movies a little dump down for me. I get they might separating the two series but the relationship got weak because of this. Just because Sunset can handle friendship on her own doesn't mean Princess Twilight shouldn't come back. As for Sunset's Relationship with Human Twilight, she's basically Princess Twilight but knows the Human world. Thats something I don't like in LOE is the Sunset's Development is what I want see Princess Twilight do for Human Twilight. I know Sunset needs a reason to be in LOE but I think she learns more about friendship that she should come back to Equestria. Now before you say anything I get some people say she's a costume to Canterlot High, however she's a pony counterpart from Equestria even she wants to be alone. Thats why in the Wishlist topic I said this:



When Sunset thinked about staying at Canterlot High. Human Sunset tells Sunset Shimmer that when your out of Canterlot High and back home things will go back to normal even if she missed her Human Counterparts friends. She now realized she belongs to to the Pony world and says goodbye to everyone in Canterlot High. When Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer came back to Equestria Princess Twilight tore up the portal so nothing bad will happen again. Sunset meets Twilights friends and even Princess Celestia who really miss her for all this time.



Now I'm not sure that theres going to be a Human Sunset Shimmer but if it did happen that should be the way to end the spin off series. I hope Princess Twilight have talks with Sunset about the Flash Sentry thing because She wasn't aware of that since RR.



Reason Number 5

The Unpredictable Paring Story Ark


On my god this was something I want to say in a LONG time. In case you don't know Pinkie Pie did mention that theres a Human Twilight Sparkle to Princess Twilight in the 1st movie and in the 3rd movie she did the same thing expect she talk to Human Twilight about Princess Twilight. And at the end of FG Princess Twilight meets Human Twilight (Kind of) and thats it. I get that was sub-posts to be funny but it also had us thinking on what's going to happen next for the 4th movie. Look I know in Twilight Sparkle Sleepover Surprise they kind of interact but only Princess Twilight Liking her Human Counterpart shoes and Sunset Talking to her about what happen in FG. My point is that the Counterparts Pairing with each other, in LOE what I want to see in that movie was having Princess Twilight Helping Human Twilight. Now I get it, she didn't needed to be in that movie but for everything that go'd in LOE it made me depressed and almost thinking of myself, whats the point of this movie? But that isn't until the end of this movie when the Stature by the school, magic is leaking from it. Now I didn't like that movie because of everything that's exacuted. But do you know what I want to see from this? There Paring relationship. All the reasons I said should be fixed and the Interactions between the two will be unpredictable. Like knowing each world and working together to fix the magic from the stature. I hope they will do this for real.






Anyway thats my Top 5 Reasons. As for the info we get I'm getting less worried about this. I don't think it can work, Like Starlight Glimmer. It kind off works with Daring Do but Starlight, not so much. Heres what I think, I don't think we will get a Human Starlight Glimmer. I think Princess Twilight might take Starlight will her to the human world (thats all I can think of from this idea) Hopefully the Specials might do what I want to see otherwise this will get Dump down for me if it kelps going.



Equestria Girls Rants and Reviews



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Well I appreciate you taking your time to write this down.

Anyway main problem with Princess Twilight is that she no longer has a purpose from a story structure point of view. Sunset is for EG what Twilight is for MLP so you can't have both without their roles overlapping, which was the point of Rainbow Rocks. Not to mention that EG characters need all the time they can get to grow as their own characters, like Flash needing to be an actual character and not Twilight Accessory. Or the rest of the Mane 6 (7) who are really just cardboard cutouts that we only care about because they are human versions of ponies we love. I mean we are completely clueless who exactly are those characters on their own merits.

I agree that there are fun potential ideas with Twilight meeting SciTwi, but I do doubt that will ever happen because EG wants to be it's own thing. Personally I still do not like EG because I just can't get used to the designs or High School setting. Not saying it is bad but it is not for me personally.

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