PAYDAY 2: FBI files is up

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Now we get to see who am the greatest, and share our kill tallies with the world! Ignoring the fact that has been doing this for quite some time, this is pretty neat. Go ahead and dig through your files, and share with us the most interesting thing you found out about yourself. I'll start. Ahem.

I have played as Wolf on heists 1078 times. My most next used character is Sokol, at a whopping 48 heists.


Copy this into the fednet searchbar to see everything else.


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I've played John Wick 263 Times and with Sokol 143 (and counting).

I wore the Calaca mask 443 times with the Plague Doctor 232 times.

I've worn the 2-Piece Suit 926 times.

I've deployed 2411 First Aid Kits.

I've completed 1674 Heists and only failed 365.

I have over 10202 Kills with the Akimbo Bernetti 9 Pistols. My Gruber Kruz has 9772 Kills.

I've killed 1481 enemies with the Shinsakuto Katana.

I have in total killed 89391 enemies. (Although I think these stats might be off, as it's saying I only killed 6 Green Bulldozers and 13 Black dozers, which I know is false.)

If you would like any more information from me. Here's my code: 76561197984438387

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Nice to see stat tracking is finally integrated properly into the game.  

Wow, never realized how much I use my Chimano Custom, 10619 kills, with the G3 coming in second at 6291 kills. Unsurprisingly Clover's my most played character at 500.

Here's my code for your viewing pleasures : 76561197997457780

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Well looks like I gotta brag about kills too. 21415 kills with the M16, 11352 with the FAMAS, and 16999 with the loco. For some reason I apparently hate Tasers, 16039 killed. 

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Most used characters: Clover: 253, Chains: 129

Most used mask: Reservoir Dog (288)

Most used armor: Two-piece suit (405)

Deployed 2503 first aids and 243 trip mines

Completed 544 heists and failed 239: Hoxton grindfest (80) and GO Bank (54)

8805 kills with akimbo Deagle (Best akimbo, ISN'T IT TOKI ?),1065 with Bronco and 330 with the Spear of Freedom

Kill count: 10462 with shields as my best target (2203)

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