Season 9, Episode 3: Uprooted

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Title: Uprooted

Synopsis: The Young Six respond to a magical summons from the Tree of Harmony, only to learn it has been destroyed, and it is up to them to figure out how best to memorialize it.

Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family

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Ocellus, Sandbar, Smolder and Silverstream could have all gotten what they wanted if they planned the cave out first and coordinated their setup. A meditation space with one fake tree, one real tree, and painted walls? Easy. Gallus was the one trying to hoard the whole cave for himself. He still could have had his tacky tourist trap outside the cave mouth proper if he was willing to share. Though I doubt Twilight would have approved once she found out. Nopony introduce Gallus to Flim and Flam, it's a recipe for disaster.

When the shitty crystal clubhouse started glowing and changing I thought the Tree of Harmony was going to grow back like it was before. It would have been nice to see it return, if only to show that the forces of good/friendship/love/whatever can just as easily fix what evil overpowered jackasses destroy. Then it was done and I realized Hasbro just wanted to make a new playset. This would be the second weird crystal tree-castle to come out of the Tree of Harmony. It looks cozier than Twilight's castle, more like the old Golden Oaks Library, if still a little too iridescent and angular. Twilight should offer to trade!

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I am wondering why the 5 pillars were not there. 

They were the ones that planted the seed.

It would have been nice to get reactions from them. 

Also now that the tree is still going. What about the tree with its original role protecting the forest from overtaking the land?


I think the writers are running out of ideas and this is a stretch. 

This will be the end of the current FIM season and I guess they didn't want to leave the Magical crystal tree dead. 


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1st VIT, everypony!


- I didn't know that Silverstream is a big fan of Iron Man :D

- Wow! Dashu has this much Wonderbolt authority now? Cool.

- said it, Ocellus...WUT? ...what's going on?

- Tree! You're alive! Wait, so you are a messenger? I thought it was Tree itself all along.

- Hi, Spike!

- ...well that didn't work :P

- Oh hi, Lord Friendly Bug! How are you doing today?

- Oooh, you know your adorkable headmare well, Gallus. Mah griffon!

- Well that was a long way for Yona...and a short one for Gallus XD

- Presentation? Oh Streamy. Good hippogriff ^_^

- YOU DID WHAT? Could have waited for the rest

- Aaand here we go: the conflict.

- Gallus the Carnival Ringleader Birb XD

- Ocellus is...where did I see this kind of attitude before?

- 'sigh' Commence breakdown.

- We know the drill, everypony: make up and fix things

- Ooo, a song :)


- Why do I get a feeling that Tree just doesn't like Mane 6? It communicates a lot with Student 6 to the point of rebuilding itself with their help and speaking about their generation and forward, while getting destroyed when Mane 6 might need it. Are you suggesting that Mane 6 friendship is not good enough for you anymore, Ms Tree?


Overall thought: It's alright, I guess.

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Alright. Episode 3.


Silverstream is adorable.


So the tree of harmony can just enter the minds of the student 6, shape their dreamlands and talk to them that way? Disturbing? Does that mean it could have done that to everybody? 


How do the student 6 not know about Sombra when he invaded and brainwashed everypony in ponyville and canterlot just one episode ago? Did the willpower-friendship blast erase everybodys memories too? Where they gone over the last two episodes? WHAT?


"I wish that Sombra guy was still around" Me too man, me too.


So the changelings can transform into objects too? Okayyyyyyyy. That might have happened before and i just don't remember. I'm sorry if that's the case.


Yay, Thorax cameo.


Why do the yaks not just dust off the blankets like Yonah all the time if it's that efficient?


Everycreature??? Wtf. That term sounds a bit ridiculous imo. xD Again, i'm sorry if i missed it in an earlier episode.


Why does Sandbar put headphones on the sprout? xD


Soo Silverstream carefully paints her detailed image of the tree and then she just throws a bucket of yellow paint all over a big part it? Neat.


Silverstream is twilighting too now?


"I can't believe we just got schooled by a yak" That's racist.


The song was adorable.


The ending was a bit weird tough.


Well, overall nice little episode. I'll give it a 7/10.

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One interesting thing about "Uprooted" is we get a different breakdown of how the Student Six relate to the Elements of Harmony then we have in the Season 8 finale, "School Raze". Based on this episode and the colors associated with the students by the Spirit of Harmony:




Gallus = Loyalty (previously Magic)

Yona = Honesty (no change)

Silverstream = Laughter (no change)

Sandbar = Magic (previously Kindness)

Smolder = Generosity (previously Loyalty)

Ocellus = Kindness (previously Generosity) 


This could simply be a continuity error or it might have greater significance. It's also worth noting that the Element of Magic can also represent Friendship.  Thoughts?

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