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I kinda liked the first ThunderCats reboot. Haven't seen any of TCR (don't have Cartoon Network, but I'll have to see if I can use On Demand to check it out).

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2 hours ago, Fintale said:

Does that make me even?

Perhaps. I am not sure. :awesomecheer:

As for me being odd, well, I was carrying a concealed CZ-75 P-01 (75 and 1 are odd numbers) handgun on my walk earlier today (I walked  roughly seven miles, or a little over 11 kilometers...both odd). The gun is also chambered in 9X19 mm (both the bullet diameter and case length are odd numbers). :awesomecheer:

The bisexual pride T-shirt I was wearing is also totally awesome! :awesomedash:


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