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Vs battles.

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Alright. (Hopefully) New idea for a game here.


You name a character from a movie, tv-show, game, book or whatever you think can beat the character above you. And just to make it a bit more fun you can, but don't have to describe why you choose that character and how that character could beat the one it's put in a battle against (the "why" can be as nonsensical as you want). Then the next person names a character to beat the character the person before named, and so on.


Let the battles begin.



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Meh. Let's just say from now on real life characters and objects count too. Like Obama or a Fridge. Might revert that little addition if demanded.


You can also post pictures or gifs of the thing you choose if you prefer that.


I fear that makes the game a bit more generic to other games here, but hey, all shame on me, the one who came up with the idea for this game.


(Holy shit, a Simpsons thing? Had to search that up.)


This thing.




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