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Catalonia vote: Pro-independence parties win elections

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From what I heard, some people actually voted for the independence parties because they were not content with the politics in spain, like a protest vote. I doubt that these people actually support the idea of independence, and they might realize that they will have a tough time being independent. You see, the treaties and agreements are between the EU and Spain, but not between the EU and Catalonia, which means that there might be import tax, export tax, and no Euro.

While Catalonia has Spain's strongest economy, you can doubt that this will stay that way after the independence. Financial systems don't like uncertainty, and a new independence surely is uncertain, especially with tax laws and finanicial transactions. There've been rumors about banks who want to withdraw from Catalonia if it really pursues independence.

This whole story started when Spain disabled laws that were passed in Catalonia with huge majority, leaving most Catalonians unhappy with the government. Combined with Spain's other problems like the unemployment (especially with the youth), Spain is bound to struggle with certain populist parties. Other countries have the same problem, and the call for independence is more like a symptom of unhappy citizen.

So in my opinion, I doubt that Catalania will separate. Even if they want to, and actually try to accomplish that, Spain will never let them go.


Sometimes I wish politics in Equestria were so exciting as the real politics.

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