My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Rainbow Roadtrip

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Title: Rainbow Roadtrip

Synopsis: The Mane Six hop a balloon for Hope Hollow, where Rainbow Dash has been invited to be the guest of honor at the town's Rainbow Festival. But when they crashland in town, there's nopony there to greet them. The mystery grows when the sun rises to reveal the entire town and the ponies in it have been drained of color! While TwilightSparkletries to discover what malicious magic caused the town to fade, her friends help the townsponies plan a new rainbow festival, making friends along the way, and restoring the hope missing from Hope Hollow.

Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family

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1) Such Canad, Very Donchaknow

2) I do like the Toon Boom designs, but I have to say the Flash models and workflows have really been refined over the years.

3) This had a very DVD-Special feel to it. The timing seemed ever so slightly off, with just fractions of  a second too much dead space between lines and less dynamic shots than a current-season episode. Also, the musical elements seemed a bit muted. I feel there could have been some productive tightening-up.

4) Steampunk Prosthetics!

5) See below:


6) Twilight has never seen color-fading magic before?



7) See below:


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2 hours ago, Muffins-uwu said:

I watched it last night. In my opinion, It was pretty good. The style reminded me a whole lot of My Little Pony: The Movie.:approve:  

I believe they used the assets from the movie and animated it in Toon Boom Harmony, rather than the show's Flash animation software and assets.

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4 hours ago, ABronyAccount said:

I believe they used the assets from the movie and animated it in Toon Boom Harmony, rather than the show's Flash animation software and assets.

Probably :pinkieshrug: 

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17 hours ago, ABronyAccount said:

I believe they used the assets from the movie and animated it in Toon Boom Harmony, rather than the show's Flash animation software and assets.


yep they used the same assets and program.


personally i loved the short. the story was very meh but i just i'm a sucker for cute ponies and the ponies where very cute in this short.


kinda feel like the spell the town was under was a metaphor for depression since we have seen pinkie pie go grey when depressed and, i guess, if a lot of ponies get depressed in a small area they take the colour out of said area.  But that's just a theory :flutterdear: 

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So I finally watched the special.


It was alright-good. Yup, that's what I'm going with. Definitely not terrible or bad. However I didn't feel that there was this punch of special. I didn't feel an intrigue, or at least a strong one, in this special. It was kind of straight forward. This special was a tamed one. I wish it was a bit more energetic.

Was anything I really liked? Well, it was nice to see the animation from The Movie making a comeback. Really liked it then, really liked it now. Mane 6 that I know and love are still Mane 6 I know and love, which is anything but bad thing.


Obligatory Twilie who, in case you didn't know, has this face when she sees books <3


Pretty cool was to see the prosthetics that I saw before on some fanart becoming an official thing. And yes, Kerfuffle is is pretty adorable.



Didn't expect Sunny Skies actually proposing to Petunia Petals. Yes, there were obvious hints of those wonderful feelings but I didn't really expect things to unfold this wide.

Them wing gloves (yes, I know those are called wing blings but I tried to look up that word and now don't get why those were called that, so I call them that) actually a cute little idea. I like it. And I don't get why other derpibooru users leave kinda salty comments about them.



So yeah, not exactly an exciting episode, not bad either. Maybe wanted a bit more from it.

But I guess because it was not bad and because I am a sucker for Mane 6 and ponies in general, I cannot raise my hoof on it. With that in mind, I am giving it a 7/10.


P.S: if there's something that I have overlooked what actually makes it better, then please let me know, everypony. I really want to know so I could be a bit more optimistic on this special :3

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Alright. Rainbow Roadtrip.


I have no idea what to expect before going into this. I thought it was just "another" special but then i saw it was actually animated in the style of the movie and i thought "Holy Shit this looks really good!". And after putting it off my rader for a while i finally decided to watch it and hopefully get something decent. I don't know if this one is canon and i don't why they decided to make this one stand out with the dofferent animation style but, oh well.


Let's get into it.



Okay. Not even two seconds in and i have a question. Is it normal that it just starts out with "I got your message. The sun is shining"? Because it's a pretty abrupt and random start. Just throwing us into a song. I feel like there is something missing here. ALSO, "I got your message" and "The sun is shining" are two statements that couldn't be less related to each other. Would the sun not have shined if she didn't get the message? It feels like they just needed something to rhyme with the next line. Rainbow Dash could have just as well started out with "I eat an apple. My cat is whining"


Rarity is a dick to her cat. Just shoving it into her bag with all the clothes.


One one note, those backgrounds look beautifully detailed. On another note, this was such a random start. Just a 30 second song. I expected it to be longer. And this title card looks kinda cheap in my opinion.




"Not technically a road trip since were taking the balloon" Sooo an airtrip then? Or balloon trip? Thanks for misleading me title card. xD


Twilight. Good old "I'm late, fully packed and am dropping half of my papers on the way cliche".


And her bag was as heavy if not heavier than a horse when it stopped them from lifting off?


I have never been a big fan of Spike but i can't help but wonder, why he isn't coming with them.


Rainbow themed songs? Okay. Okay. This sounds so weird it's funny.




Wait a second. I know she can fly but sleeping on the edge of the balloon where she can fall off just by moving slighty? Really Rainbow Dash?


They're scared of bumping into the Rainbow billboard and then it destroys their balloon, even though Twilight could have just caught it with her magic. Twilght and Rarity together too. Maybe even Rainbow Dash since she's strong. But ahh, fuck it.


ALSO, Twilight only teleported her friends and her away. Does that mean Raritys cat, she put in her bag in is dead now, since it fell and crashed with the rest of the balloon? Was her cat even in the bag? What was the point of the scene at the start wherw she puts her cat in the bag when she didn't even take it with her?


It's also really fucking funny how all of their bags and stuff seems to be completly intact.


"There are only 3 beds." Bed breaks. "Okay, 4." Don't you mean 2, Rainbow Dash?


Applejack jumping on the bed and then the bed snapping back into the wall was so predictable.


"Thanks Celestia." I can't help but ask here, why didn't you call Celestia for help when the colors faded?


Why does everytime Twilight says "I'm Twilight Sparkle." sound the exact same?


And how is Tork holding the welder without fingers?


Unless she cleaned it off screen, the mud just disappears from Raritys face from one scene to the next.


The karaoke stand has convenient timing to fall apart.


Discount Big Macintosh.


Pinkies tears after the (pretty touching) song look so bad. They don't even hit the ground.


"The billboard was the only thing that didn't change." Why though?


"I've never seen any kind of magic like this before" Why can't i take this line from a supposed genious seriously again?


Yep. Let's just ignore the Rainboom and go back to our normal lives again. It's not like we don't see something like this everyday and we wonder where it came from.


Rainbow Dash BOOPS the barrel twins. xD


But i can't find the exact moment of it. Only this.





Why did Applejack nom on the wood of the Rainbow billboard when she didn't want to pick it up and it kinda looked way to heavy to be picked up with the mouth? I'm seriously wondering here. xD


What happened to Kurfuffles (I hope i'm spelling this right) leg?


The muffin sign on the bakery has convenient timing to fall off too.


Did Pinkie say, after eating the pie "It's kinda CRINGY"?


"Even i didn't become Rainbow Dash in one day". "Two days?" Seriously?


"Then things changed." Fluttershy. "What happened?" I thought the mayor told you how the town fell apart, Fluttershy.


Does Mister Moodey Roots immidiate reaction to Pinkie imply that he is watching his fucking Apricot tree all day long to keep away thieves?


I assume after the litte blond colt got the color of his mane back he doesn't tell anyone and everyone just acts like that's normal.


"Mister Hoof did all the baking." But apparently forgot to clean himself up afterwards.


Dude. I saw so many Lyra and Bon Bon recolors here and there, it's getting laughable.


"Why just be black and white." And you forgot the many shades of grey, Rarity.


You can't make one small pencil draw a perfect rainbow.


Hahaha. They're shooting fucking fireworks when the balloon is still nearby. Hahaha.


And another super short 30 second song during the credits? Damn.



Alright. This one was a suprise to be sure. I can say it time and time again, i love the artstyle. Everything looks absolutly gorgeous and cute. In terms of plot, some things are a bit too random and rushed (like the beginning). And that the loss of their color was actually caused by depression and the ponies in the town falling apart was a little bit predictable i guess, since we've seen ponies losing their color because of divide and sadness before. At times i thought there was going to be some kind of bad guy, but no villain is perfectly fine to me. It also would have been a nice little change if Rainbow Dash was actually going to be the one who saves the day this time instead of Twilight, since she was the reason they traveled to the town in the first place. But she was the first one who started to bring back the colors by making the barrel twins work together and happy so i guess she played some kind of important part in this?


With a few improvements here and there i would say "I would like to see more of those". But now that the show is over i guess we can forget about that.


I give it a 7.5/10.

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This The whole thing was predictable, not interesting, and some parts made absolutely no sense. This was nothing but boring filler. I love the songs but that's not enough to save a 40 min special. I give it a 3/10

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