Oh sweet celestia, I'm putting myself out there....

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Hello! My name is Rainstories! I've been in the Brony fandom for about 4 years, since 2015. MLP has gotten me through a lot, especially my depression. My main focus within the fandom has been writing fanfiction (I haven't published any of them because I'm a closet Pegasister...) and roleplaying. My favorite pony is Applejack and my favorite princess is Luna. Oh? You want me to state something about myself that isn't MLP related? I can do that! 

Well, I'm demiromantic pansexual. I have 3 cats and two dogs (oh, man. I run a zoo). I'm also available to talk all the time, although my replies might be late. Let's see.. I'm also in the furry fandom, have been for 5 years, so I'm a current grey muzzle (bow to my knowledge. 

Hm, that's about it I guess. 

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