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IDW MLP comic sales, special offers, etc.

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It's been a long year(s) since the last one, but IDW is putting out another strictly pony Humble Bundle which should roughly get us all up to date at the $15 asking price. DRM-free multi-format digital editions, downloadable anywhere. Pay what you want, as long as you meet the minimum "tier" requirements you get all the comics in each tier and the one(s) below it.

Sometimes Humble Bundle sales add extras midway through to entice more buyers. If this happens and you've already purchased, you get all the new books added to your existing library automatically.

Humble Comics Bundle: My Little Pony 2019 by IDW

There's also a set of sliders you can use to determine how your payment is split among IDW, the Humble Bundle itself, and the Hasbro Children's Fund.

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