Does anyone know the order of the Tails of Equestria game books?

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Hello all, 

I am trying to play the Tails of Equestria Paper Rpg and am about to finish the first book “Tails of Equestria” with my kids, but I am not sure which book to get next. Does anyone know if the “Curse of the Statuettes” is the next book that I should buy or is there another Book that you recommend getting?


Thank you

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I'm not sure that the order matters for the most part. A Dragon's Bounty - Tails of Equestria: Starter Set lets players start a level 0.


The Curse of the Statuettes is designed for levels 1 through 3 though, so it's a good place to start (and could easily follow the adventure in the Starter Set).


The adventure "The Beasts of Black Skull Island" (Tails of Equestria - The Official Movie Sourcebook) is for levels 1-3. 


The Festival of Lights is for characters of levels 2 to 5.


Filly Sized Follies has three adventures "ranging from levels 2-5."


The newer Melody of the Waves is for levels 3 through 6.


The Haunting of Equestria is designed for levels 5 through 10.


The brand-new collection The Curious Case of the Malfunctioning P.R.A.N.C.E.R. and Other Tails are done-in-one adventures that can be placed in a longer campaign or played completely by themselves.

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