Season 9, Episode 19: Dragon Dropped

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Title: Dragon Dropped

Synopsis: Rarity worries she’s done something to upset Spike when he stops making time for her.

Airs: Today at 11:30 A.M. on Discovery Family

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Oh boy this episode sure was... Interesting. lets review it. 



Rarity in this episode was really extreme. Sure she has gone crazy/lost touch with reality a few times but never for this long. I wouldn't say she was out of character since i can see her behaving like this in certain situations but, the situation we see in this episode i personally don't see as being one of them. Why? Well it's simply because of two reasons:


1. Rarity doe's care a lot about Spike but up until this episode hasn't been shown to spend a lot of time with him. Yes they did spend time together but, most of the time it was also with Twilight and/or the other members of the mane six; When it was only the two of them hanging out it was always spike helping Rarity with her job or (in the case of simple ways) trying to help Rarity when she was under great emotional distress. 


2. Even if Rarity did spend more time with Spike then we had seen on screen in the past i still find it hard to believe she would be this controlling over spike because, we have never seen her act possessive over a friend; also she is the element of GENEROSITY and a big part of generosity is sharing.


Aside from that though it was fun to watch Rarity in this episode and my lord her voice actress did an amazing job. Also the facial expressions where amazing. 



Hold up, did we just get a good spike episode? No way! Ok but jokes aside i love Spike in this episode a lot. Not only because we get to see him act more mature and do things he enjoys outside of the mane six (that wasn't connected to them mane six in any way) but also because he has FINALLY gotten over his crush on Rairty. 



Of course with Spike and Rarity's behavior one must bring up the elephant in the room. SpikeXRarity or Sparity as the ship is commonly known as. You see some believe that because Spike was shown to have a new female friend, blushed around her and didn't act love sick around Rarity at all in this episode it meant that Spartiy was dead. But other fans have argue otherwise, claiming that Rarity's behavior shows that she has feelings for him (since she has been shown to be protective over romantic interests such as Trenderhoof).


Now as someone who hates Sparity i of course am quick to say that this episode killed the ship and i still feel like it does, however i can see why some would use this episode to justify this ship (going as far as saying that pinkie pie's line at the end made Spike being a two-trimmer with Rairty and, Gabby canon) and i can understand that, even if that makes me sick. I would love to know what you all think of this and if you did ship Sparity feel free to explain why. 



And we got to see Gabby again. A lot of fans didn't like seeing her again and a few fans hate her for trying to ruining Sparity (or because they find her annoying). As for me, well used to find to be annoying (since she kinda annoyed me in that CMC episode she first appeared in )but now, i don't mind her. Sure she isn't a fave but i like her character and i'm glad to see Spike have a friend that is his age and has similar interests to him.



This episode was a mixed bag for me, on one hand we have Spike moving on from his childhood crush, making a friend that is around his age/has similar interests and overall being more mature. On the other hand we have Rarity acting very extreme, immature, and being protective over spike which doesn't really make sense unless she has romantic feelings for him but we haven't seen evidence for that in any prior episodes/specials. 


Because of this i will have to rate this episode a 5/10, yes Spike was great and Gabby was much more enjoyable than before but Rarity, she was fun to watch but made no sense/ was lowkey creepy. 

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Alright. Episode 19.


As much as i hate ships, aside from the Shining Armor and Cadence relationship (which i am 100 percent okay with), the Rarity and Spike ship i never actually minded too much, i guess? I mean it has been there since Episode 1. But just like last episode, another thing that has always been more in the background and i've never really cared for it. And this seems to be the final episode that's focused on that but i only have 3 words for it. I DON'T GIVEAFUCK.


But no skipping episodes so let's fucking get over with it.




Anypony? Don't you mean that stupid word '"anycreature", Rarity? Since Spike isn't a pony and that word is an actual thing?


Rarity yelled so loud the lights turned back on.


Raritys eyebrows are sometimes there and sometimes not. And at one moment only one is gone. This looks so fucking funny.


Sooo in S9 episode 4 (Episode 200) Rarity struggles to take apart a wall brick by brick but here she is seen breaking a gem in mid air?


And now she can even push this giant box full of random shit? Wtf?


But damn, gotta love Raritys voice acting here.


Weird that Rarity is struggeling to choose colors when she made dresses and stuff long before she met Spike and should know what she is doing. Work can distract from depression, you know.


Can't you bring the fucking pincushion closer with your fucking magic yourself?


Rarity is a fucking stalker?


I bet they made Snips rich with buying all the shit from the Power Pony convention.


Princess Shmarity? Is that supposed to be a joke at the Princess Celestia/Trollestia/Molestia stuff?


Why did Gabby take the picture when she just throws it away seconds later?


Okay. I'm usually never like this and i'm sorry for saying this. But eating pickles from each others eyes sounds like a really bad fetish. xD


Why don't Rarity, Spike and Gabby just find something where all 3 of them can spend time together?




Okay. Alright. This episode was, alright i guess? Rarity was entertaining as hell. And even though she ended up apologizing so much to multiple characters, here's something. Rarity element of generousity, tries to get Spike all for herself. Neat. Uhh don't care for the ships. 


I feel like an ass for this, but everybody has personal bias and taste. And i am not posting facts but opinions. 6.5/10.

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I think one fan (upon the China release) said something along the lines of, "This just made the Sparity Ship a whole lot more stronger". Which one could agree with, especially when you take Pinkie's line at the end in or out of context.  

Also when one really thinks about  it, episodes like this, have different points of view giving to them from the brony/pegasister community. Some may look at it as a closing to the Sparity ship, others (as mentioned above), see it as strengthening it, some see it as an episode that didn't belong in this final season (along some pervious episodes before), and some see it as Spike possibly getting a new ship tease giving to him, in the form of Gabby, etc..., etc....

And even through, I'm one of those that support the Sparity ship, and see this episode as indeed making it stronger.  I see Rarity's actions, as not of one just being selfish (at times she was) or jealous (which she mostly was), but I like to take DisneyFanatics2364's "Bride of Discord" (Chapter/Episode 6 [14:07-19:37]) , as an example of Rarity releasing how Spike really means to her, and how much she's falling for him, but never really noticed till, 1. "The Best Gift Ever", the first 20secs of the mid-season 9 finale, and now with this episode, and him spending time with Gabby, instead of her, or even taking time to notice her.  

This reminded me a lot/if somewhat of Applejack's reaction towards Spike spending time with Rarity, and not noticing her.

That's how I take Rarity's reactions in this episode, somewhat of being in that same camp as Applejack's in "BOD".  

Heck @BornAgainBrony said it best:  


"This episode is playing with romance in the same way that "Tanks for the Memories" played with death. It's played as a friendship episode, but considering they used Rarity and Spike to set this off, and the fact that Spike clearly has one on Gabby now, it's pretty obvious that this story is a love triangle at its core. They pushed things just far enough to make this episode into the ultimate shipping war without revealing for certain if Rarity is harboring feelings for Spike, and it's bloody brilliant!"

So just because it may seem otherwise, Josh Haber knew what he was doing. In fact, if you saw the trailer for the finale (and possibly the final 2 episodes), there is some Sparity moment's snuck in there, as a bit of a follow-up to this episode (kinda), and pervious episodes before it (from earlier seasons, and the prior season), as well as "TBGE"

So I said above, episodes like this, have different points of view giving to them from the brony/pegasister community. It's just a matter of how one views it from the personal point of view.
But for me, this was a good/decent Sparity final centric episode.

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Now if you're a Sparity shipper (which I am), the way Rarity reacted here, was of one realizing that the knight in shining armor/prince charming she's been looking for has been in front of her the whole time, and she didn't want to lose him.  

And from continuity standpoint, With what Spike gave her in BEST GIFT EVER, she want's to keep that LOVE Spike has for her, and she has for him, alive and strong!

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