Anyone Else Like The Silver Brumby?

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Note: I speak of the 1994 Animated series not the 1993 movie.

I first found the show when at the Riffing is Magic panel at Bronycon 2018 and I was curious about it so not long after that con I actually watched the whole series. Honestly its really not a bad series. It's 3 seasons long with each season having 13 eps. The Series is about a Brumby named Thowra who wishes to claim the title of King of the Cascade Brumbys after said title was stolen from his father when he was Killed by the Current king known as The Brolga who is kinda the main villain of the series if he can be called that.

Fav Character: Thowra (Me having my fav as the main character is pretty rare)

Least Fav: Arrow (such a cringe character....and his new voice in seasons 2 and 3 don't help)

Character that i wish we could see more: Storm/Golden

Who this fandom would like most if a lot watched this: Golden

Character i can voice almost perfectly: Carawong

So for those who have seen it what are your thoughts? What do you like and not like about it? Lets talk about it i need to be more active on this site XD

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10 minutes ago, LittleLooney said:

It sounds very very familiar. I wonder who's told me about it before. :?:

Now you just need to watch it

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